The No.1 Korean Franchise Chicken Brand

First found in South Korea in 1995 with vision to be the best Chicken Franchise business in the world. Since 1995, bb.q Chicken has achieved what no other franchise company even dare dream about with 1000 stores in 1st 4 years

bb.q Chicken does not stop there. We expand our market towards global in the year 2003 started from China. We are currently running stores in USA, China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan and more.

Now we operate about 2350 stores in 25 coutries in the world. BB.Q has a vision to operate 50,000 franchise stores in the world  by 2025 and expecting to becoming No.1 Brand in the world



BB.Q Chicken in NewYork, USA



BB.Q Chicken at airport in Australia


BB.Q Chicken in Convinience store in Taiwan